Monday, September 3, 2007

Plotting Course

Gday, Adam here...

Been steadily munching through work the last two days, i finished off a quick illustration job for Popcorn Events who run the Slam Volleyball Festival around the east coast of Australia. I will be at the Manly/Coogee events in december/feb - they are showing a lot of promise with their ramped up organisation this year.

Last night Bumskee (Min Yum) was around for a coffee and we had quite a long discussion about how to progress as an artist. His philosophy (nutshellafied) is that you should focus quite rigorously on something as you are starting out - say anatomy, or landscapes, and focus sollely on that for about a year, then start diversifying.

I struggled quite a lot with this concept, as I am passionate about a variety of subjects. My natural strength seems to lie in environments/landscapes, but i love portraiture, oil painting, and illustration (particularly of things like dreams or philosophical visual metaphors). How does one find the right balance for their own progression, between focusing and diversifying, and if you do choose to focus, do you focus on what you are best at or what you love? For the moment I cant decide... I tried quite hard, but i couldn't bring myself to drop anything from my repertoire, so instead im just going to try to cut down the excess stuff around the edges (vehicles, creatures, graphic design etc) and focus more on a narrower set of things and hope they complement each other. Heres hoping.... a few studies from today:

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