Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pleasure + productivity

Hola !

As you have probably noticed, am not very present at the moment on this blog. Fortunately, Adam is still providing. Am just a little bit busy ... ahah
What too much Street fighter and Final Fantasy 12 ?

Anyway, i ve painted till 5 am last night, trying to represent a dream i had about somebody i ve met recently and who i like very much... But it ends up on something quite different, completely different actually than the dream except for the tree :). Don't worry darling i ll give it another try soon !

So was very fun to do as i ve tried a new knife brush and a different approach in drawing.
Also, Adam lend me a fantastic screen to paint on ,which changes everything ! So much space !!! Thanks again dude !

Am trying at the moment to construct more my artworks, to take much more time to really think about what am doing, especially about composition and color theory.

We spent our saturday afternoon sketching and studying in different places : we first start by the Art Gallery of New South Whale in the Royal Botanic Garden where happen at the moment the first major retrospective exhibition of the figurative sculpture of Bertram Mackennal (1863-1931). Mackennal was the first Australian appointed a member of the Royal Academy, and arguably the most successful of this country's expatriate artists.

Amazing works !! Very inspiring. I reconciliated myself with charcoal studies ! Pics soon.

Then, on the way back home, we stopped at a cornerstreet bar on Oxford St for a beer and to sketch people waiting at the traffic light. Good to train your eyes to read major lines quickly. It's amazing when you take time to observe people how they can be so different in details and so funny ...

So it has been one of this very inspiring day where we succeeded in combining pleasure of creation and productivity. So goood !


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