Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yohann and I took a stroll down to Global Gallery tonight to check out the annual GAS exhibition. Doze Green was doing some live painting... super smooth lines and flawless curves with what looked like some sort of Japanese brush pen... fluid.

There were some very nice contemporary illustrators showing, with nice attention to detail, and smooth linework coming across as a common theme... Nanami Cowdroy stood out with detailed pen work on a larger scale than some of the other works... always nice to see intricacy at an A4+ size.

Went home early-ish to unleash with the oils. Y diverted away to schmooze a lovely lassy with his sketchbook and I was left alone to paint on the front porch. Results:

Pretty impressed with the exhibition, quite like the space, and we are considering it as an option to exhibit in the next 6-9 months... lots of work ahead of us. And bonus, its not even midnight yet! Hasta Manyana!

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