Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hey ladies and gents... hope you all had a good long weekend... if you protested, I hope it went well... personally I chose not to protest because I prefer to demonstrate when it has a visceral effect (for instance, Buy Nothing Day). The difference between a protest and a demonstration are basically the ratio of personal sacrifice to the effect it has (oversimplified). I believe both are valuable, but feel more comfortable protesting when my time or energy have a significant and direct effect. Anyhow... we decided to have a bit of a RavePEC RaveBQ on the public holiday Friday... pretty close to where the big security op was going down too. Kind of eerie to hear the gunships overhead all day. Our city is a police state at the moment. Not that you would guess from the photo below ;) And yes, you with the discerning eye, I AM the one wearing the maternity pants and fluoro orange hunting jacket!

We also got our washer/dryer installed here at the studio over the weekend. Check out our Paddington Chic:

Today started with some enviro thumbs, 2 of which I was keen on...

And studies:

Then I worked on another image for the Slam festival which im not happy with yet... the rendering is not consistent, the shapes are off... but I guess i did it quicker than usual. Will finalise it tomorrow...

And finally tonight I knocked up an entry for EOW#64:

The Mark Of Imaga

By the end of the second nuclear winter, the air was so cold that snow could not fall. Like the eye of a tornado, the world was silent and immobile.

With all but a few remote regions blanketed by electromagnetic radiation in the first nuclear winter, the social and political geography of the world splintered and was set adrift. Fossil fuels were consumed excessively in old, conventional, innefficient devices to keep the major population centers warm. Within ten years, fuels were depleted and the world so damaged that it was unanymously agreed upon that there was not even a faint glimmer of hope remaining. The second nuclear winter was a result of the global implosion of spirituality - the last vestiges of humanity that clung on for survival had run out of consolation in their prayers and meditation, and those who refused to take their own lives began projecting their frustrations onto the remnants of their world. Cities were rocked as warheads and power plants were set alight by the fires of martyrdom.

The Mark of Imaga was the final bomb to go off in the second nuclear winter. Launched from a base deep in Alaska, the bomb sailed up into the stratosphere, catching the light from the cold sun like a dove. Eventually its engines burned out, and it hung like a forlorn tear amongst the clouds, finally turning in a slow cartwheel and tumbling down. It landed in what used to be california, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that rocked the san andreas fault line. The resulting cacophony of global disasters put an end to what was left of life on earth. It was all over in a matter of days. Like the eye of the tornado, the world was once again silent. Silent as it was at the beginning of time.

Silent now, at the end.

Finally, our 3rd roommate, Nina, moved out (Au Revoir!) and we have arranged for a good buddy Gabor to move in. He is a talented web and print designer and that will make 3 full time artists in house working/living here. Its going to be a hot bed of creativity, moreso than it is already.

Peace and bickies,

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D. said...

i love the girl running through the rain. i think you captured the wet subtly and dramtically at the same time u could almost touch it. i feel like that girl sometimes too.