Wednesday, September 12, 2007


christ what a day. in list form:

1. Paid an exhorbitant amount of money for a haircut which i NEVER normally do and it looks like a 6 year old cut it with rusty scissors. Its so bad im shaving my head tomorrow. Yeah fuck you all.

2. My Shaun Barber oil painting dvd arrived today. Except when i opened the package i found some retarded american basketball dvd that was supposed to be shipped to some robert egermayer dude in WASHNGTON AMERICA. What the fuck?

3. Gabor, our 3rd roommate-to-be pulled out of moving in about 5 minutes after i ordered the removal truck, and now i have to waste a whole day or more looking for another roommate (but we still love gabor). It also means we are covering double rent till we find someone.

4. I got SLAMMED (sic) with work im not being paid for, love jobs, in the middle of insane deadlines.

5. My PS2 died

6. One of my clients COMPLETELY changed directions on one of my projects, which means i have to start all the design work over.... GRR.

7. The dude at the caffe where i had lunch didnt have any of the ingredients for anything i wanted... and when i finally did order they forgot the order and it took my food an hour to arrive. Did i mention the DEADLINES??!?!

8. I got a phone call from a restaurant about a friend who left their fone there. I went and picked it up and then took it home and called the friends home phone. I explained that id picked their phone up and had it, arrange a time to pick it up etc. Turns out that friend goes to school above that restaurant EVERY DAY. So now i have to take the fucking thing back. GRRRR

9. Our toilet is broken and we are being attacked by vicious floaters

10. The thing im most angry about is being angry. Im never angry. I dont even swear much, honest. Im really a little bundle of joy and love.

Above all else, the kicker is that i didnt even get to do any painting today. I feel like a kid whos sent to bed without dinner. But i guess its ok to laugh at the comedy of the whole thing. Theres a part of me that thinks the whole drama is hilarious... I suppose im lucky to have that side of me that sees it all as good clean fun and entertainment.

Forecast for tomorrow? Showers clearing to sunshine and warm temperatures :)

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OYO said...

Dude, i missed some, that's a new record. Two in a day after the new world-worst-brief-painting-ever titled "What the good-taste police is doing with mechwarriors? "

Yea excuse the french in the morning too.